Scottish building sustainability proptech firm arbnco has created a new smart building platform that allows asset managers to track and forecast the energy consumption in their buildings.

The arbn insight platform will also give managers tools to benchmark energy consumption. It uses machine learning to predict future performance based on the local climate and also recommends practical steps to improve energy performance.

The tool can be used across a portfolio of buildings and it offers a feature to compare each building against similar ones. Data such as the building’s size, age, and current energy consumption are uploaded into the platform and can then be filtered by monthly, weekly, or daily performance.

“We hope arbn insight can also help to educate managers on possible improvement measures they could make, recommending both technical and behavioural solutions to reduce wastage, and providing them with an empirical representation of the return on investment for implementation,” said Simon West, co-founder and chief operating officer of arbnco.

“The push towards net-zero in real estate continues to ramp up, but trying to achieve net-zero without forensic knowledge of operational energy use will always be an uphill battle,” he notes. “We believe that arbn insight will answer this need, arming managers with the information they need to make informed and intelligent decisions to improve their energy efficiency.”