Bangor University is investigating the sale of up to 60 acres of its surplus land portfolio to fund regeneration work on its existing campus.

It has appointed Drivers Jonas to conduct a strategic review of four sites owned by the university, totalling 60 acres.

The land includes a 108,900 sq ft plot in the Town Centre and could open up large parts of Bangor for redevelopment.

The university plans to re-invest any funds generated into improving its campus and developing new facilities.

John Weir, partner at Drivers Jonas, said: ‘This will be a long-term and carefully thought out strategy that will eventually provide both the university and Bangor with a springboard for development.'

Mike Goodwin, director of estates & facilities at Bangor University, said: 'The University has a number of sites away from its core campus area in the northern part of the city.

'These sites have great potential to generate capital to plough back into our teaching and academic facilities, and significant long-term investment for Bangor itself.’