A joint venture between Bee Bee Developments and Buccleuch Property has submitted a planning application to build 5,500 homes as part of the eastern expansion of Kettering.

The joint venture, called Alledge Brook, also wants to create schools, community facilities, parkland and infrastructure to support the site.

Kettering, as part of the Milton Keynes & South Midlands sub-region, has been identified as one of four national ‘growth areas’.

The development will contain a series of neighbourhoods set within parkland. Each neighbourhood will have a mix of shops and community facilities. At the heart of the development will be a mix of shops, restaurants, community halls, schools, offices and health facilities.

Kettering Borough Council is dealing with the planning application. If approved, the development will be built in four phases over 14 years.

Aldred Drummond, a spokesman for Alledge Brook, said: ‘The proposals will help Kettering Council meet its ambitious housing targets.’