Danish architects Bjarke Ingals Group (BIG) have revealed plans for a more than 10bn sq ft residential development in Azerbaijan.

Zira Zero Island is a masterplan for a carbon neutral resort and residential development on Zira Island in the Caspian Sea being developed on behalf of client Aurositi Holding.

The plans for the island, which is located off the coast of Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, have been designed to mirror the countries mountainous landscape and the ‘seven peaks of Azerbaijan’.

Bjarke Ingals, the BIG’s founder, said: ‘What we propose for Zira Zero Island is an architectural landscape based on the natural landscape of Azerbaijan.

‘This new architecture not only recreates the iconic silhouettes of the seven peaks, but more importantly creates an autonomous ecosystem where the flow of air, water, heat and energy are channelled in almost natural ways.’

The scheme will use solar water and wind power to achieve carbon neutrality.