Birmingham City Council has granted approval for the development of a new 196,000sq ft office building at Woodcock Street in Aston.

The development will form part of the authority’s ‘business transformation programme’, Working for the Future (WFTF).

Once complete the programme will leave the authority with a stock of Green efficient buildings saving a projected £100m over 25 years.

The six-storey building will house 2,200 workstations in an open plan layout and will be BREEAM-accredited. A 60-seat auditorium, meeting facilities and a connection to a Combined Heat and Power plant are all also proposed.

Glyn Evans, Birmingham City Council’s corporate director of business change, said: ‘It is crucial that we develop new ergonomic and energy efficient office accommodation as we need to ensure that we continue to develop and improve services to citizens as we have done in recent years.

‘A major project like that at Woodcock Street will play a key role in this – while at the same time providing a boost to the local construction industry during tough economic times.’

It is anticipated the new building will be ready for occupation in spring 2011.