The British Property Federation's chief executive, Liz Peace, has called for industry, government departments and regulators to unite to meet green targets and reduce carbon emissions.

Speaking at the Low Carbon World conference in London today, Peace called on ministers to focus on output based targets, backed with fiscal incentives, supported by clear evidence of the impacts of such moves.

The BPF believes a government supported measurement and reporting framework would ensure joined up thinking across the board, avoiding a situation where a glut of initiatives form a barrier to meeting targets.

Peace believes measurement and benchmarking schemes run by the likes of the Investment Property Databank (IPD), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Upstream and the Building Research Establishment ‘provide a genuine platform on which to build’.

She said: ‘Clearly there will be a cost on all sides of fulfilling our environmental obligations. But it is the role of the government to work out exactly how best they can support the industry with appropriate fiscal incentives and, where necessary, penalties.

‘The industry must be left to do what it does best: innovate, improve and develop our communities without micro-management and without prescriptive targets that render development unviable.’