Brighton has outperformed 61 other cities to record the biggest price rise over the last 10 years, up 280% to £2,559/sq m, according to a league table compiled by Halifax. The Times

Truro, Cornwall, is second, up 270% to £2,128/sq m, ahead of London, where prices have risen 254% at £3,883/sq m.

In St Albans, third on the list of cities behind London and Oxford in terms of costs, prices are up a 102% at £2,903/sq m.

Prices have shot up in the booming Northern Irish market. Buyers in Belfast are paying 36% more than a year ago, at £1,720/sq m, and 229% more that a decade ago. The average performance across the 62 places is a rise of 182% over 10 years, or 8% in the past year.

The average cost is £1,786 /sq m.