Britain's new homes are the most cramped in Europe with almost every other country in western Europe providing its citizens with more spcace to live in.

Minimum space standards and building regulations in country's like Denmark mean that newly-built homes there have almost twice as much floor space UK homes.

In Harlow, Essex, Barratt is building so-called 'Manhattan pods' which are just 34 square metres in size.

In comparison, the average new build home in France is 112 square metres.

In London, Mayor Boris Johnson has pledged to stop "rabbit hutch-sized dwellings" being imposed on suburbs.

He promised to reintroduce 'Parker Morris' space standards for new residential developments in a bid to improve the quality of inner city living.

Sir Parker Morris was the chairman of the Central Housing Advisory Committee in 1961 which recommended minimum standards for space and design in British housing.