Brixton has set up a dedicated leasing centre to handle enquiries arising from availability within its 19m sq ft portfolio.

The leasing centre will operate as part of B-Serv – Brixton’s asset management subsidiary – and work alongside its existing leasing agents on the 90 estates.

Brixton has also launched a series of simple leases to streamline the process for occupiers.

B-Serv’s senior operations director of leasing and joint ventures, Mike Andrews, said: ‘While the bulk of the leases we grant are still very much of a conventional type – for example, in the last few months we’ve concluded leases for terms of 15, 17 and 20 years – the new lease packages are aimed at enabling occupiers to move through the leasing process swiftly so they can get up and running in their new workplace as quickly as possible.’

The new standard products comprise leases of 3, 5 and 10 year terms.

The 3 year lease enables occupiers to make a single payment which covers rent, service charge, property insurance, fair wear and tear and maintenance and repairs.