Housebuilders that fail to reach a certain level of customer satisfaction will be barred from bidding for public land, under a radical proposal in an official report. Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, The Times

The Calcutt Review, commissioned by ministers a year ago, is set to call for Britain’s first annual and independent survey of homebuyers. Those developers that fail to meet certain standards will not be eligible to bid for public land or receive public funding, under the recommendation by John Calcutt, former chief executive of English Partnerships.

The quality of new homes in the UK has long been under scrutiny, with a widespread belief that homebuilders create barren estates with hundreds of near identical homes and few facilities. A survey this year from CABE, the architecture watchdog, found one in three homes built in recent years should not have received planning permission. Only 18% measured up to design standards, while 53 per cent were 'mediocre'.

The customer satisfaction survey could take the form of extensive market research and could be added to CABE’s existing remit.