Campaigners have won their battle to stop Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council building a four-lane road through Sloane Square to ease traffic congestion

Today, Save Sloane Square announced that the council had decided to accept the results of the third consultation on Sloane Square and withdraw the crossroads plan.

Residents of the royal borough have argued that the £5.5m plans by the council would destroy the area’s unique character and last year presented a 3,700 signature petition to voice their objection.

The council agreed in October 2006 to pay out £20,000 to enable the residents to draw up their own scheme.

The resulting Atkins-designed scheme was considered alongside the council’s plan at the third and final public consultation, which ran during February and March this year.

Dr James Thompson, chairman of Save Sloane Square, said: ‘The third consultation conducted by ICM was an extensive and thorough exercise. It showed conclusively that the crossroads plan was not the popular choice for residents, businesses or visitors.’

Save Sloane Square’s patrons include Bryan Ferry, Sue Lawley, Lord St John of Fawsley, Sir Michael Ridley, Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, Bishop Michael Marshall and the Marchioness of Worcester.