Center Parcs, the holiday company owned by Blackstone, is to open new retail units on its parks and has signed a management agreement with a retailer to manage its stores.

Center Parcs has signed agreements with the Nuance Group which will manage its existing retail units across Center Parcs’ four villages.

New units

It will also build two new retail units on each village which are expected to sell outdoor, casual clothing and accessories and will also be managed by Nuance.

Center Parcs’ has also improved its restaurant, food and beverage options at its parks and has signed an agreement with Select Service Partner who will operate two restaurants at Sherwood and Elveden Forest.

It earlier this year signed up Tragus Group, the restaurant operator owned by Blackstone, to manage a small number of restaurants on each of Center Parcs’ four villages.


The agreements will comprises an investment of £6.3m which Center Parcs’ will be making over the next 12 months.

This investment is part of the Center Parcs’ wider £17m investment programme in restaurants and retail and follows recent £60m investment in its accommodation.

The new retail units are expected to open in early 2008.

Martin Dalby, chief executive of Center Parcs, said: ‘Center Parcs is committed to continue raising the bar on quality and choice for its guests - improving the Center Parcs experience is at the forefront of our decisions.’