Traditional manufacturing and heavy industry areas in northern England, the West Midlands and Scotland have suffered the biggest rises in unemployment during the recession, according to analysis of official figures.

The study by the Work Foundation found the biggest rises in the number of people claiming unemployment benefit had occurred in core cities that had suffered disproportionately in previous recessions.

It said: 'In terms of the largest rises in total numbers of people claiming jobseekers’ allowance comparing February 2008 with February 2009, the recession has impacted most upon large cities outside London.

'Local authority areas that have experienced the biggest jumps in the numbers claiming benefits are the ‘core cities’ of the North, the West Midlands and Scotland, and areas linked with traditional manufacturing and heavy industry.'

The 10 worst-affected cities were Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Hull, Manchester, Bradford, Kirklees, Liverpool and Bristol, the foundation said.

Financial Times