Corporate real estate association CoreNet Global has set up a Central Europe arm, incorporating Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

CoreNet has appointed Thomas Glatte, head of corporate real estate at BASF, as president of the new chapter.

Glatte said: ‘We have previously organized chapter events in Germany in the last two years, and we had really good responses. We see a growing need for "best-practice sharing" corporate real estate in the region.

‘CoreNet has an excellent global platform. The field of corporate real estate management will increasingly professionalise in the coming years, and the need for additional management skills is growing. This is where we want to step in.’

Opening doors

Mark Tamburro, president of CoreNet Global and vice president of workplace resources for Nokia, said: ‘Our new chapter will reinvigorate our activities in Germany, while opening the doors to new countries where we have not historically had a presence, such as Czech Republic and Poland.’

The new Central Europe chapter board will meet at CoreNet Global’s Berlin summit in September. The five additional members are: Stefan Wolter, of JCI; Anke Gerlach, of Siemens Networks; Sven Wingerter, of Eurocres; Frank Konrad, of Shell; and Abine Heiss, of Microsoft.