The BBC is reviewing its property plans, including the potential sale of Television Centre in West London, as a result of the credit crunch.

The BBC was aiming to sell property including Television Centre, Centre House and the nearby Woodlands by 2013.

However, it is now reviewing whether that will be possible in the current climate, and could face a shorthall of up to £140m if it fails to sell the property, according to an internal note sent round by director general, Mark Thompson.

The note says: ‘Following the licence fee settlement last year, we embarked on a review of our property strategy to raise additional income. We decided that we should sell some of our property holdings in the London W12 area, including Television Centre and Woodlands, and planned to do this by 2013.

‘You only need to look at the empty offices across the UK to see that we’ll need to review this timetable.

‘Delay will have a knock-on effect on our spending plans, a point made starkly yesterday by Chris Kane, the BBC’s Head of Corporate Real Estate, who reported that we face as much as a £140m shortfall over the next five years if we are unable to dispose of these assets.’