The developers of the £1.5bn Royal Dock site, Silvertown Quays, KUD International and landowner London Development Agency, have revealed details for the aquarium at the scheme.

The Biota! Acquarium has been designed by architect Terry Farrell & Partners.

Final design

The final design for Biota! incorporates an ETFE roof, a sustainable material to allow natural daylight through.

The development team has also unveiled details of the pedestrian bridge designed by Arup in partnership with Patel Taylor, which will create a gateway to the development.


A detailed planning application for Biota! and the public realm element of the scheme, designed by Patel Taylor, has been submitted to the London Borough of Newham and detailed design work on the building has begun.

A detailed application was also submitted for the infrastructure elements of the development.


The pedestrian bridge forms a crucial part of the Biota! area and sits at an important threshold. It will cross North Woolwich Road, linking the Thames Barrier park and the new Pontoon Dock DLR station to the south side, with Biota! and further mixed-use development around the dock.

The scheme comprises a £1.5bn development of 5000 homes, offices, retail, leisure, entertainment and community facilities being developed in phases over the next 12 years.