One of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ (RICS) non-executive directors wrongfully dismissed for raising concerns about a financial audit has urged the body’s new interim bosses to “show courage” in changing structures put in place by the previous leadership.


Steve Williams told Property Week: “If I had two pieces of advice for the new leadership, they would be to show courage in dismantling, where appropriate, any structures and strategies put in place by the now-exposed previous regime for the wrong reasons.

“Secondly, they need to turn a listening ear to the members. Our leaders need to be representative, relevant and transparent. Anything less leads, as we have seen, to suspicion and dissatisfaction.”

Last week, RICS drafted in a new interim leadership team to help spearhead its recovery from the governance crisis that has engulfed it. Richard Collins was appointed interim chief executive; Nicholas Maclean interim chair of the Governing Council; and Isobel O’Regan interim chair of the management board.

The appointments came after former bosses Sean Tompkins, Kath Fontana, Chris Brooke and Paul Marcuse stood down last month.