Property investors view Paris as a good complement to London in their pan European portfolios, Tristam Larder of Savills' Paris office has said.

Larder said: 'A lot of investors bought a lot, particularly in London, but the investors are beginning to see Paris as a fairly good complement to London in terms of their portfolios.

'It seems a far more secure market, a less volatile market, traditionally and especially in these times.

'There are a number of factors. There are limited development opportunities in Paris per say, a more diversified tenant base with less dependancy on finance houses and banks like you see in the City of London.

'We have seen pricing move out in Paris, as we have in London, but perhaps less dramatic movements. Vacancy rates are still fairly low.

'We've seen a lot of very strong interest.'

Larder was speaking to Property Week Global editor Lucy Scott at the Expo Real conference in Munich yesterday evening.