Visitor numbers here are down from 25,000 to 20,000 – and the proportion of overseas attendees I reckon is also down significantly, too.

What you are left with is a few very big British names talking to some very wealthy German organisations about buying cheap property in the UK.

German open-ended funds are seeing big inflows, having overcome their liquidity and corruption crises of earlier in the decade.

German banks that do not have horrific ´legacy´ issues are also pumped up, too.

One senior German banker told me that his group chief executive had rallied the assembled troops that morning by urging them to double their 2009 lending levels in 2010.

I am just back from the Investment Locations Forum, having chaired a session on Great Britain.

Last year at EXPO it was quite possibly the single most gloomy panel session I have hosted in 10 years at Property Week.

This year it was much busier and more buoyant.

We even had a UK rallying cry from the new ProLogis European chief Philip Dunne – check out our video interview with him after.

The question is – who will sell to the circling hordes and bearing in mind the British economy´s dire fundamentals, isn´t this all getting a bit too hot?