Property Week Giles Barrie reports his shock at the weak pound on his way to Expo 2009

Barrie says: "Jeepers! Asking for £100 to be changed into Euros at Victoria yesterday I was given the princely sum of €99.82 back.

Now I know the exchange booths fleece you, but it shows just how weak the pound has become. It made the Easyjet Seven Up and Mars Bar for dinner at 3 Euros 50 and the 60 Euro cab ride into town all the more painful.

"I know many property investors think of currency fluctuations as only short term, but at this level combined with on on 45% fall in values they certainly make London cheap.And that is all we are hearing at EXPO: We want prime London NOW.

As for me, I am glad we went to the New Forest, Weymouth and the Isle of Man this summer.

Sounds like France and Italy will have to wait next year too...."