Fidelity International today launched its debut property fund investing in Asia Pacific property securities.

The FF Asia Pacific Property Fund will invest in both developed and emerging markets in the region. It has been designed to take advantage of the varying stages of economic development in Asia Pacific markets, which offer differing levels ofgrowth potential.

This ranges from mature economies such as Australia, New Zealand and Japan to emerging markets such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. The fund aims to blend developed and emerging real estate securities to provide investors with the potential to access both higher growth and lower volatility.

Polly Kwan, portfolio manager, said: ‘Growth in the Asian property securities and REITs markets is being driven by the expanding Asia Pacific economy, where factors such as rising middle class incomes and strong GDP growth are all benefiting capital value. Over the last five years, Asian Pacific real estate markets have delivered strong returns, and the outlook continues to be positive.’

The fund is open to minimum investments of US$2,500 (£1,250).