Footfall was up 298.7% on Tuesday as non-essential retail reopened in England, compared with the same day last week, Property Week can reveal.

High street

Source: Shutterstock/ Jason Batterham

Data from PFM Footfall Intelligence shared exclusively with Property Week showed footfall numbers on Monday 12 April were up more than 1,000% on the equivalent day last year.

The analysis outlines that footfall was up 172.4% for the week, compared to the same week last year. However, compared with 2019, footfall figures are still down 74% on the same week.

PFM Intelligence Group, a Netherlands-headquartered technology and communications company, acquired retail proptech firm CoreTech Solutions earlier in January.

The group’s sales director, David Sturdy, said the firm predicted that footfall in the week of 12 to 16 April would be 30% down compared to the same week in 2019, but added that this figure should be seen as “generally positive for the first week after a long lockdown”.

The data also revealed that footfall in the average week in the latest lockdown had been around 82% higher than in the first lockdown, which the company put down to increasing consumer confidence on the back of a large proportion of the UK population being vaccinated.

Sturdy added that a combination of fatigue over Covid-19 restrictions, improving weather and a better prepared retail industry are the “key drivers” for the improving footfall picture in the UK.