The High Court today dismissed Sean Collidge’s appeal against a ruling that dismissed his claim for a £1m compensation payment from his ex-employer Freeport.

Collidge took the company he founded to court earlier this year claiming it had reneged on a compensation agreement that he said was due to him.

In May this year Mr Justice Jack threw out the claim, saying he was convinced Collidge had breached his contract by misappropriating expenses.

Today the High Court said it was right to dismiss his claim against his former employer despite discrepancies in evidence given by a key witness – his former driver Paul Bradshaw.

Lord Justice Rimer told the court Collidge’s appeal would not have any chance of success.

‘In my judgement, while acknowledging the evidence did not point unerringly in one direction, Mr Collidge’s assertion stands no prospect of success at all,’ he said.

He also said that evidence of other contract breaches, such as misuse of the company credit card, meant the previous High Court decision was correct.