Fruition Properties has launched an online property investment platform that enables potential investors to fund property development.

Propio Upper Richmond Road

One of Propio’s early projects, 23 Upper Richmond Road, reached its £622,000 funding goal and will return money to the 77 investors this autumn

Propio allows would-be investors to invest as little as £1,000 in a range of debt and equity opportunities all linked to development. Its founders said they hoped to attract high-net-worth investors, pensioners and tech-savvy millennials.

“Our ambition is to democratise property investment, demystifying the development process so retail investors of all backgrounds can access the sorts of returns previously only available to the financial elite,” said Parul Scampion, co-founder of Propio and co-owner and chief operating officer of Fruition.

“Of course, development is more risky than keeping cash under the bed, but with returns of up to 20% there is potential to tap into far greater returns than many other platforms offer.”

Users of Propio invest in specific projects or a selection of pooled bonds investing in multiple opportunities, all accompanied by independent valuation information.

The bonds will be paid out when loans are repaid or developments sold.