An ambitious project to turn the ancient city of Cyrene, in Libya, into a centre for eco-tourism, was unveiled yesterday by Saif alIslam Gadaffi, the second eldest of Col Maummar Gaddafi’s seven sons. The Daily Telegraph. The Independent. Financial Times

The plan for 20 luxury hotels and thousands of houses centres on the archaeological ruins in the Green Mountain conservation area, on the Mediterranean coast in the north-east of the country.

The entire project was designed by Sir Norman Foster in just seven weeks.

‘We started this project because in our [region] it is not common to talk about the environment or about gas [carbon] emissions. These [are seen] as the problems of Europe and north America,’ said Seif al-Islam al-Gadaffi, son of the Libyan leader. ‘But it is now time to join the developed countries and to show that in environmental and cultural issues we are civilised.’