There will be no let-up in the global property investment market this year, heard delegates at the Investment Property Databank’s European conference last week.

The theme of the Geneva conference, attended by 300 fund managers, researchers, institutions and property investors, was ‘Meeting the Global Challenge’.

In the keynote session on global property investment strategies, Seek Ngee Huat, president of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) said the increase in global investment in the last 18 months had been ‘unprecedented’.

GIC manages reserves ‘significantly in excess of $100bn and has been investing globally for the past 25 years and has assets in 30 countries,’ said Seek. ‘We did not decide: Let’s go and invest globally. We were told to. Our remit is to invest anywhere but Singapore and we have a lot of experience doing that.’

Seek said ‘going global’ did not ensure higher returns. GIC research showed that investing in emerging markets with less correlation to the investor’s own market gave the greatest long term diversification and return for a portfolio.