Cross-party parliamentary group London’s Planning and Built Environment has voted to establish a ‘Suburbs Taskforce’.

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The taskforce will investigate key issues and opportunities in the outer boroughs of London.

Suburbs were once considered an ideal midpoint between city and countryside, but the increase of high-rise developments, poverty and crime has challenged the perception that the suburbs [offer] low density [living] and a good lifestyle [this reads like a quote – who from? Or cut?].

Dr Rupa Huq MP, who chairs the cross-party group, said: “For generations our suburbs have been places that people have aspired to call home and which have balanced town and country. Today, however, they risk being overlooked and neglected at precisely the moment when the pressures of growth and austerity are challenging both that balance and those aspirations. There are those who champion the inner-city and the countryside, but a call-to-arms is needed for our suburbs as well. They too need champions. The launch of this cross-party taskforce is a rallying cry for our suburbs and an important step forward in helping to shape their future.”