Stockport Council and the Homes and Communities Agency has instructed GVA Grimley to prepare a masterplan for Covent Garden Urban Village, next to Stockport town centre.

Plans for the masteplan include the Hopes Carr and Middle Hillgate area on the south side of the town centre.

Stockport Council aims to regenerate the area and it forms a central element in the wider regeneration programme for Stockport town centre.

Gerry Hughes, executive director at GVA Grimley who is leading the project, said: ‘This is more then a masterplanning exercise, we are focusing on how we achieve early delivery of new housing in the area.

'We will seek to capitalise on the recent investment in the Hillgate area through the Heritage Lottery Fund, the investment in new Council offices, alongside an increasing developer interest in the area,' said Hughes.

The masterplan will be completed by end August 2009.