International property company HDG Mansur is to target investment in the Middle East following the opening of an office in Dubai.

The company announced today it had opened an office in the Dubai International Financial Sentre in order to ‘evaluate various opportunities and expand into an industry-based market while serving in the fund management capacity.’

The company has appointed Ra’ed Saqfelhait, managing director of fund administration to head up the office. Saqfelhait was previously at Kingdom Hotel Investments.


Harold Garrison, chief executive officer at HDG Mansur said: ‘HDG Mansur already has extensive experience in the Middle East with Shariah compliant products, and the DIFC office is a natural progression for us, as we are committed to the Middle East and expansion into surrounding markets, such as the Indian Subcontinent, North Africa and Asia.'

‘The opening of the Dubai office will provide a platform for our fund administration and going forward will allow us to be better equipped and more accessible to business opportunities in the Middle East.

'The Dubai office will also serve as a spring board for our further expansion in the Pacific Rim over the next few years.’