Sean Collidge, the former executive chairman of factory outlet developer, was in the witness stand yesterday in his High Court battle against the company he founded.

Collidge has brought a claim for more than £1m against Freeport for lost benefits.

He was giving evidence yesterday in the counter claim brought against him by Freeport, which claims financial impropriety and is seeking to recoup around £60,000.

Paul Nicholls, representing Freeport, outlined for the court items that Freeport allege Collidge took from Freeport Leisure Village in West Calder, Scotland.

This includes a 20ft carvery unit, fridge units, a coffee machine, children’s high chairs, coffee cups and cutlery. He is alleged to have used these items at his own hotel, the Castle Hotel near Lancaster, and not returned them.

In court, Collidge said that he took some of the items with the full knowledge of other Freeport directors and members of staff, and that they were returned. He denied having taking all of the items alleged by Freeport.

The case continues.