Gordon Brown’s plans to build thousands of homes will increase the risk of flash flooding, worsen traffic congestion and damage the green belt, a government adviser has revealed ahead of the housing green paper, to be published this afternoon. Financial Times. Sunday Telegraph. Daily Telegraph

Compiled by Roger Tym & Partners, the report says housebuilding plans in the south-east will increase the risk of flash flooding by concreting over areas that would otherwise soak up heavy rainfall and help with drainage.

The housing Green paper, published today, will outline government plans to spend £6.5bn on social housing and at least £8bn in affordable homes over the next three years

It wants at least 70,000 more affordable housing units built a year and at least 45,000 social homes a year by 2010 – a 50% increase in three years, and a 130% growth since 2004.

In total, the government wants to build 2 million new homes by 2016, and 3 million by 2020, including 100,000 homes in 29 identified ‘growth points’, up to 50,000 homes in at least 10 additional ‘growth points’ – including for the first time the north of England – and up to 100,000 homes in five ‘eco-towns’.