HBSC and Barclays will this week give the banking industry evidence that both have their sub-prime problems under control. Daily Telegrpah, The Times

Although each will disclose further deep writedowns and credit impairments, the scale of the losses will be relatively small.

Barclays is expected to announce another £750m of provisions on credit market securities in the first quarter, on top of the £1.6bn taken last year. HSBC, which sold US sub-prime mortgages directly, will take about $3.5bn (£1.8bn) of credit impairments in its US arm on top of the $12.2bn last year.

Alliance & Leicester is also expected to reveal further small writedowns. Barclays’ £750m provision will compare favourably with the £5.9bn at Royal Bank of Scotland and £2.8bn at HBOS.