Humberts has gone on a spending spree in the south of England, buying three local agencies to expand its regional presence.

In Shrewsbury in Shropshire, Humberts has bought Halls Participations for £3.6m; in Bristol, it has bought Richard Harding for £2m; and in Edenbridge, Kent, it has bought Fox & Manwaring for £635,000.

Humberts will now trade from 78 offices across the UK and is on track to increase this to 90 offices by the end of this year.

Its biggest purchase, Halls, operates from nine offices around Shropshire and made adjusted consolidated profits of £780,000 last year. Humberts chief executive Max Ziff said: ‘The acquisition of Halls is a major step forward for the group and gives us market share in Shropshire, Powys and Mid Wales.

‘We are now well positioned to push the brand further north into key areas in Cheshire and beyond which we see as an exciting market and a key growth area for the Humberts brand.’

Richard Harding in Bristol, owned by the former rugby scrum half, operates a residential business from Clifton. Humberts already has 14 offices in Somerset, and said buying Richard Harding was a logical step to expand its business further in the region.

Its final purchase, Fox & Manwaring in Kent, is one of the oldest estate agents in the country. Humberts now owns a total of 15 offices in the South East, approximately half of which are in Kent.