Sir Tom Hunter, Scotland’s richest man, announced yesterday that he is to donate £1 billion to charity. The Times. Financial Times

Hunter, 46, pledged to give away the money over the course of his life to charities in Britain and developing nations.

He said the money would be drawn from investments held in shopping centres and listed companies by his company, West Coast Capital, and he would use his Hunter Foundation as the vehicle to distribute the funds.

Hunter said: ‘So far I have committed £100m. The timescale to donate the rest depends on how successful West Coast Capital is. We keep the money in there so that we can keep making more, and therefore give away more.

‘I know Scotsmen aren’t renowned for giving away money, but I don’t see this as giving something away, I see it as contributing to the common good. It’s a privilege to be able to do this.’

The Hunter Foundation is to focus on three issues where it will generally partner governments: poverty alleviation in Africa, prevention of young people becoming “NEET” (not in education, employment or training) and in developing system-wide and personal leadership talents.