Hybrid estate agent Knock Knock Homes has launched and hopes to compete with the likes of Purplebricks and Yopa.


The Knock Knock Homes website.

Knock Knock currently employs three active estate agents and is planning to train up 25 agents by the end of 2020.

The firm is looking to give “white glove red-carpet treatment” to customers with homes valued at £350,000 to £1m, said Knock Knock strategic advisor, Steph Walker, adding there isn’t a hybrid agent geared to this market.

Knock Knock wants to “offer a fee that’s incentivising the agent to go out and get the best price,” she said, noting that customers will be charged an extra £2,000 on top of the £3,000 completion fee if an agent sells their home at its valuation price.

“In a pay anyway scenario, there’s not as much incentive to sell it at that price,” she said. The agent offers professional photography of homes as well as digital floor plans.

Correction: The company is not going to launch an app and customers will not have a dashboard.