A plan by Mukesh Ambani to build what could be the world’s most lavish private home on the site of a Mumbai orphanage has run into trouble. Financial Times

Ambani proposes a family home that will rise 570 ft – the equivalent in height of a 60-storey residential building – and will have six levels of parking, a pool and a helipad.

But the Maharashtra state government has issued an order to confiscate the land, which it believes was sold illegally to the oil and petrochemicals baron. Construction is already under way on his 27-storey 'palace in the air' on the site.

Anees Ahmad, a minister with the state government, said the Ambani property 'is really an orphanage house. As per the government constitution of this country, these lands cannot be sold or purchased.'

The government alleges that the Ambani property, which was owned by an orphanage trust, is one of several such sites that the Wakf Board has illegally allowed to be sold in Maharashtra and has ordered the body to recover them for their original purpose.