After a brief moment at Caffe Roma (every year I vow never again, but hey!) I went up to the old town for dinner.

What is it with restaurants in Cannes? I dunno how many big shows they get each year (15? 20?) but anyone would think they were surprised to see more than two customers! We were only 16 in our party, but mass catering is sooooo not their forte! Steve Norris (bless!) had had a long day and was hungry and tired and (worst of all) was staying in Monaco - so, in between his talent as a great raconteur, he kept bellowing loudly at the rather attractive waitress in fully fluent (if a little grumpy-old-man) French to chase progress. We still did not receive our main courses until 11.45pm! Well, despite all this, of course we did have a wonderful evening fuelled by a tank full of pink wine.

By about 10pm, having not eaten, we were all a little polaxed, and I seem to recall rather shambolically proposing a toast to Mein Host (the gorgeous Alex Tosetti of URS) to which the response came "thank you all for coming, the desert will be served at breakfast".

Vintage MIPIM. It was one o’clock in the morning before I left the lads to head for Pecha Kucha in the Majestic.............