Thursday am: Bit of a scramble this morning as I did my normal stunt of setting my alarm an hour adrift (got the time zone round my ear again) and having to belt around the corner to the CBRE apartment to a seminar on stadium-led regeneration sponsored by BURA and - of course - CB Richard Ellis.

Rather stylish to be late for a seminar that you are hosting and chairing, but hey!

The wonderful Charlotte Doyle of CB was hopping from foot to foot but she forgave me as soon as we got the show on the road. I think it's safe to say we hit the ground running (just as well really, there was no "Plan B") and with a glittery panel and an audience stuffed full of hitters (not bad for the third morning of MIPIM) we had a roaring success on our hands. Finished up on time and on budget at 10am and off for a bit of brekky with Brent before going up to the London Stand to retrieve my phone which I had left in the Harbour Bar (another stylish moment).

And all this before rocking up to a rather excellent seminar on Croydon for a glass of champers and a bit of a sit down! Whew! Soon be over! Next week this will all be a dream.