Wednesday PM - Phone rang in the middle of the Croydon seminar - Broadgate Estates demanding where I am for lunch. Blimey!

Hotfooted it around (as much as was able to hotfoot with my dodgy knee) to the Gaston Gastounette for lunch with my old mate Barry Winfield and his team serving lilac champagne (to match the new purple decor of the GG).

Was only 20 minutes late and, despite blotting my copy book, it was wonderful to be placed opposite Archie Galloway, Deputy Chairman of the City of London Corporation Property Committee: such a wise old bird and always a joy to see.

Barry was on top form as ever regaling the assembled City types with tales of my stag night (I'm sorry to confess that the stories are true) and how nice my husband is in comparison with me (we all go back to Broadgate construction days together).

Hugely enjoyable altogether and was given a beautiful pashmina to boot - the lads were given ties (purple, natch) - this tie/scarf malarky has become something of an annual event. But we all have to wear the bloody things every time we see Broadgate Estates for the rest of the year! Managed to resist desert and whipped (sic) back round to the Palais avoiding some geezer from Latvia chasing around after me trying to flog some waterside derelict land for regeneration uses.

I had tried to palm him off earlier on the gorgeous Charlie Wardroper (ex head of CBRE Leeds and now head of CBRE Poland) but he wasn't having any! Tea with Tim Williams of Navigant to be intemperate about life the universe and everything.

Always a hoot. Love life. Love MIPIM!