Wednesday AM: Snatched a quick glass of white wine (small) and a natter and a laugh (huge) with the West London team on the terrace of the London stand overlooking the harbour and MIPIM was really at its most idyllic.

However it is fair to say that wind was beginning to whip in off the Riviera (I'd forgotten about this being a regular phenomenon) and we soon decided to adjourn to the LDA Reception.

As I was leaving the Palais, some bloke stuffed a brochure into my hand saying "I'm selling my house in Balham" and sure enough he'd produced a full colour brochure in several languages, photos, floorplates, the lot. When I looked a bit blank he said "you never know who you might know". Well!

You have to admire his enterprise even if - at £2.6m I will not be admiring his house.

On to the LDA Reception at the Majestic and a chance encounter with my gaffer, Martin Samworth, in the lobby, who immediately fixed up for me to see a client of his next day. Then into the LDA party which was very jolly indeed.

Tom Russell made a most proficient and comprehensive speech about progress on the Olympics Legacy SPV and Boris spoke again - partly in French - cleverly acknowledging that he'd spoken to most of that audience not much more than an hour before! But he managed a fresh and witty and enthusiastic take on London and its future in our beleagured economy.

You can't fault him for passion. It was a comfortable performance. One senses he has found his milieu!