John Rand has been appointed as managing partner of Hartnell Taylor Cook taking over from Andrew Batchelor.

Rand joined Hartnell Taylor Cook in 1997 from Chesterton International, where he was UK board member and director in charge of the West End office.

Rand said: ‘My appointment as managing partner comes at a time when we, along with the rest of our industry, are entering a particularly difficult period with unfavourable economic and market conditions.

‘These may seem threatening but they also provide opportunities to developer selective areas of our business and Hartnell Taylor Cook is well placed to take advantage of these where there is value to be added.’

Batchelor was in change for five years and has stepped down to concentrate on the development market in the southwest. The company said Batchelor had led the company through ‘some substantial changes in its organisation, including the transition to LLP’.

‘I felt the time was right for a new and fresh managing partner to move the firm onwards and upwards and I am delighted John is stepping into this role because I know he has the experience and foresight to guide the company to further success,’ said Batchelor.