Kenmore Property Group sealed 35 deals in the last quarter of 2008 on behalf of three of its funds and three private partnerships.

It let 492,888 sq ft at office, retail and industrial sites in the UK generating £2.6m income a year for the partnerships and the three funds, Kenmore Capital, Kenmore Land and Adam 2.

The deals include letting 7,450 sq ft of retail space to Trespass at 196 Deangate in Manchester on a 15-year lease at £150,000 a year.

Rob Brook, managing director of Kenmore, said: ‘Set against the backdrop of worsening economic conditions and a slowdown in occupier demand, the group has continued to make comparatively strong progress in its lettings programme over the course of 2008, with an increase of approximately a third more lettings in the last quarter of the year than in the first.’