Knight Frank Investment Management has raised £150m to invest in assets spread across the UK.



Source: Shutterstock/kamui29

In addition to the new funds, Knight Frank Investment Management’s Long Income Property Unit Trust (KFIM LIPUT) has raised roughly £840m since it launched in early 2016. The fund has invested most of this money in a portfolio of 95 assets. 

The fund’s current portfolio has an aggregate yield of about 5%. Its weighted income duration is about 20 years.

“We will focus on investing allocated capital efficiently during 2020, targeting the right quality and investment characteristics of assets to support our robust fund strategy,” said Matthew McDonald, fund manager at KFIM LIPUT. “The market for our target assets has become increasingly crowded, and we set a target size for our equity raise taking account of this.”

Update: this story has been updated to reflect that Knight Frank has already invested in 95 assets.