The Labour Party plans to give first-time buyers “first dibs” on new builds for six months and will also pledge to reform rules governing how developers contribute towards affordable housing.


Source: Gordon Ball LRPS/Shutterstock

The plans are set to be outlined at its annual conference, starting in Brighton on Saturday 25 September. The event will be party leader Sir Keir Starmer’s first chance to set out his stance to members in person.

It comes amid an ongoing policy review, where the party will decide how much of its policy offering it should change from the Jeremy Corbyn era.

In a speech on Sunday 26 September, Labour’s shadow housing secretary Lucy Powell will set out the party’s plans to build “more truly affordable homes”.

She is expected to accuse the Conservatives of becoming the “party of speculators and developers”, treating property “as a commodity, not the bedrock of stable lives and life chances”.

Powell will also recommit to several Corbyn-era housing policies, including linking the definition of affordable homes to average wages, not rents.

A Conservative spokesman said Powell’s housing speech “amounts to a series of rehashed and failed policies from Jeremy Corbyn or Sadiq Khan.

“It once again goes to show Labour under Keir Starmer have absolutely nothing new to offer our country,” he added.