Land Securities is accelerating its plans for a three-way break-up and confirmed that sales talks were still continuing with bidders for the company’s Trillium property outsourcing and PFI division, worth about £1.5bn. The Times, Daily Telegraph

Sir Christopher Bland, former chairman of both BT and the BBC's board of governors, joined the board of Land Securities yesterday to step into the new role of chairman at Trillium, the company's property outsourcing and PFI division.

Rick Haythornthwaite, chairman of Mastercard, has joined the group board to become chairman of a separately quoted retail business owning £6.7bn of shops, large shopping centres and retail parks and which will be run by Francis Salway, chief executive of Land Securities. Mr Haythornthwaite won plaudits in the City when he ran Blue Circle.

Kevin O'Byrne, the group finance director of DSG International, the electrical goods retailer, has joined the group board as a non-executive. He fills a gap left by Sir Win Bischoff, a director for more than eight years, who is stepping down after his appointment as chairman of Citigroup.