Tall buildings will appear 'anywhere and everywhere' in the capital under new powers soon to be granted to Ken Livingstone, according to the chairman of the Local Government Association. Financial Times

Sir Simon Milton, who is also leader of Westminster city council, said it was a mistake for the government to give the mayor the authority to override democratic decisions by London’s boroughs.

For the past seven years the mayor has been able to block any council that has given planning permission to a project of a certain size.

This will change substantially under the Mayor of London Order, a piece of secondary legislation that will be added to the existing Greater London Authority Act in April. It will for the first time allow the mayor to overturn a council where it has rejected a developer’s scheme. 'This is significant because in the past he only had negative power. Now he has a positive power,' said Sir Simon.

'The mayor has made it very clear that he and his people want more tall buildings,' said Sir Simon. 'This fetish for tall buildings anywhere and everywhere will be a disaster for London.'