Leading architects have outlined their visions of the shed of the future for our latest Industrial and Logistics supplement.

Shed of the Future - AJA

Shed of the Future - AJA’s entry

Property Week and Savills commissioned seven architects to each design a 500,000 sq ft fulfilment centre that is innovative, creative, forward-thinking and not constrained by the usual institutional standards.

The architects came up with a range of groundbreaking concepts including an octagonal ‘pizza-esque’ building, an undergound warehouse served by drones and autonomous vehicles, and a high-rise ‘beehive’ design.

“What the sector can take from this is to think outside the box about how to build better, not just as we’ve always done,” said Will Cooper, Savills director, building and project consultancy.

“Some designs are pretty futuristic, but there are also elements that could be implemented tomorrow.”

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