London Mayor Ken Livingstone has published its Supplementary Planning Guidance today and has added a view of the Tower of London from the south bank as a protected view.

The planning guidance `London View Management Framework’ provides additional detail to the sections of the London Plan that deal with London’s designated strategic views.

It has protected 11 views, in addition to the tower including St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London and the Palace of Westminster as well as 17 new riverside and other panoramic views.

All parties involved in development within these 11 viewing corridors have to take account of this guidance to ensure the landmarks are not obscured from stipulated viewing points.

The riverside views are protected in a slightly different way with development only allowed when it enhances the view and complements the existing landmarks.

Livingstone, said the guidance would provide ‘much-needed certainty for developers and planners’. ‘For the first time, this will help everyone to take a balanced view of development proposals, their impact on London’s major landmarks and their contribution to the capital’s character and identity,’ he said.