Labour members of the London Assembly said they will later today question Mayor Boris Johnson on the ‘chaos that has so far defined his administration, the embarrassment caused by senior appointment Brian Coleman, and the backward steps taken on providing affordable housing’.

John Biggs, Labour’s deputy leader of the assembly, said he will ask Johnson to explain the background to the resignation of Tim Parker, first deputy mayor and chief executive of the GLA. Biggs said: ‘Are the other deputy mayors happy playing second fiddle to self-appointed ‘top dog’ and ‘chief of staff’ Simon Milton?’

Val Shawcross, member representing Lambeth and Southwark will ask Johnson if Brian Coleman, chairman of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, should be sacked. She said: ‘Is the Mayor too scared to sack Brian Coleman? He has embarrassed Boris with his £10,000 taxi bill, his outrageous outburst against Britain's Olympic athletes and his attack on the ‘homophobic bigoted old farts’ of the Conservative Party. If this how he behaves as a senior appointee in Boris Johnson's administration how would he behave if he was sacked?’

Mayor Johnson will also be tackled on his stance on affordable housing. Nicky Gavron, assembly member and former deputy mayor, will ask the Mayor ‘why he is undermining London's ability to provide housing for those who need it most. Is Boris's decision to remove all the socially rented housing from the Bloemfontein Road development in White City indicative of his approach to housing? Is he going to stand up to boroughs whose commitment to providing affordable housing is lamentable?’

Johnson will face the assembly at 10am this morning.