London is still the best place in Europe to locate a business, a report from Cushman & Wakefield said today.

The UK capital came top out of 34 European business locations, with Paris in second place, said Cushman’s European Cities Monitor.

Out of 12 ‘essential factors’ for locating a business in a particular city, London came top in six of them.

These categories were:

  • Familiarity with city as a business location.
  • Recruiting qualified staff.
  • Easy access to markets.
  • Quality of telecommunications.
  • Internal and external transport links.
  • Languages spoken.

London ranked only 27th in terms of freedom from pollution, 14th in terms of quality of life for employees and 24th in terms of value for money when renting office space.

Leeds, however, was ranked first for value of money for office space. The Yorkshire city was 28th overall, two places higher than last year.

Paris and Frankfurt were second and third respectively, the same as in 2007, and Brussels was fourth, two places higher than last year.